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Made in Russia “Rezonver” is more portable, more reliable and easier in control and operation than its American and European competitors. The reason is our new patent pending technology of resonant energy conversion.


Ultraportable welding unit weight – just 2 kg and the output power – 200 A CY-duty cycle – 100%, electrodes 3 & 4 mm. Resistant to voltage surges and short circuits.

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Manual Arc Welding and Air-Plasma Cutting in a single device,weighting just 3.5 kg. Electrodes 3 & 4 mm. Cutting capacity – 15 mm. Resistant to voltage surges and short circuits.

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Rezonver — manufacturer of welding invertor machines

Russian company «Rezonver» introduces a range of compact, powerful and multi-functional welding devices with resonant energy conversion technology on board.

Amazing portability, simplicity and power

We have created metal welding and cutting devices, which amaze with their lightweight, the range of multi-functional capabilities and high-end amperage specifications. With «Rezonver Hybrid» you can weld with 3 and 4 mm electrodes and get neat and nice-looking cuts of metal with the thickness of up to 10 mm. Those who just need to have a reliable and compact welder machine will take advantage of «Rezonver Pride».

Choose a solution, which is suitable for you

Rezonver Hybrid

Rezonver Hybrid

For the first time ever, MMAW + Plasma cutting in a single device weighting just 4.5 kg!

Current range10-200 А
Load duration coefficient96%
Weight4,5 кг

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Rezonver Pride

Rezonver Pride

Unrestrained work and excellent result of welding in a device with the weight of just 3.5 kg and maximum output power of 200 A.

Current range10-200АLoad duration coefficient96%Weight3,5 кг

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The most advanced
technologies for
your work and business

«Rezonver» products perform the most up-to-date technology of resonant energy conversion, eye for details, which significantly facilitate and upgrade a welder’s work.

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Valeriy Malyutin Car Repair Shop Owner 25.08.2014

A cool, lightweight workhorse. I have already ordered 4 of them to enhance each of my engineers. The hybrid one is a very cross-functional device, a great thing to own, when you need to do something quickly – for instance, when you have to first cut and then weld metal constructions immediately. Rezonver Hybrid switches from metal welding into cutting with just one click of a button.

Alexander Malikov Welder of the 5th category 25.08.2014

It allows for excellent welding in all dimensions. I tried to weld without changing the output power and it did very good with both horizontal and overhead welds. A very lightweight unit, which allows you to solve a broad range of professional tasks. It leaves a pleasant feeling after welding, there are no harsh sounds, which frequently irritate when you work with conventional welding units.

Viktor Makarov Foreman of Vocational Training at the Resource Center of the Shipyard «Krassnye Barrikady» 25.08.2014

I tested Rezonver equipment and I really liked it. The «Pride» in all positions is highly energy-efficient and works steadily. I also tested the plasma-cutting device – it is also a great unit to work with.

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Learn to weld

It is not difficult to learn welding. The essential thing here is information, thirst for knowledge and advice of an experienced welder. Rezonver provides beginners with comprehensive information on welding. Useful books, master-classes, hundreds of schemes and drawings, as well as video-tutorials are collected in our «Welding Encyclopedia». Learn more.

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«Rezonver» machines for metal welding and cutting

«Rezonver» introduces portable machines for manual metal arc welding, which can be used in various fields: from a garden to a construction site. «Rezonver Hybrid» includes MMAW and an air-plasma-cutter. Its weight is just 4.5 kg. «Rezonver Pride» is an inverter MMAW device with the weight of just 3.5 kg and maximum output power of 200 A.

Manual metal arc welding has never been so portable, powerful, robust and functional. «Rezonver» machines are manufactured on an advanced high-tech facility of the group of companies «TAIPIT» in St. Petersburg. The use of the most up-to-date European-class equipment and double quality control result in an amazing performance and reliability of «Rezonver» products.

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