Viktor Makarov Foreman of Vocational Training at the Resource Center of the Shipyard «Krassnye Barrikady» 25.08.2014

I tested Rezonver equipment and I really liked it. The «Pride» in all positions is highly energy-efficient and works steadily. I also tested the plasma-cutting device – it is also a great unit to work with.

Alexander Malikov Welder of the 5th category 25.08.2014

It allows for excellent welding in all dimensions. I tried to weld without changing the output power and it did very good with both horizontal and overhead welds. A very lightweight unit, which allows you to solve a broad range of professional tasks. It leaves a pleasant feeling after welding, there are no harsh sounds, which frequently irritate when you work with conventional welding units.

Valeriy Malyutin Car Repair Shop Owner 25.08.2014

A cool, lightweight workhorse. I have already ordered 4 of them to enhance each of my engineers. The hybrid one is a very cross-functional device, a great thing to own, when you need to do something quickly – for instance, when you have to first cut and then weld metal constructions immediately. Rezonver Hybrid switches from metal welding into cutting with just one click of a button.