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Rezonver hybrid metal welding and plasma cutting

We achieved European quality in welding and plasma cutting in a feather-light small 3 kg device.

Handy and functional

  • Weight: 4,5 kg

    10 times lighter than 2 separate devices

  • Output power: 200 А for welding

    and 35 А for cutting

  • Coefficient of power conversion efficiency – 94%

    Rezonver is 13% more efficient than other brands

  • Load Duration (Welding/Cutting) – 96%

    (10-minute cycle at 20 degrees by Celsius)

Rezonver Hybrid

Reliable and durable

  • 1

    Resistant to voltage surges

  • 2

    Is not burnt out after short circuits

  • 3

    Works even at 190 V in the socket

  • 4

    Does not produce electromagnetic interference

Owing to the resonant technology, the power plant group of “Rezonver Hybrid” is not worn out or degrade with time, so it rarely gets broken. We provide one year of warranty for this product.

Suggested retail price is just 40 950 RUR

How welders use rezonver hybrid?

Watch the video

Technical specifications

Maximum welding current 200 A
Weight 4,5 kg
Maximum thickness of metal cutting 10 mm
Coefficient of load duration (welding/cutting) 96%
Floating voltage / no-load voltage (welding/cutting) 60 V/240 V
Number of fans 2
Maximum active consumption power 3 600 W
Number of diode bridges 2
Supply voltage band 60V/240 V
Arc triggering method at cutting by touch
Full consumption current not more than 30 А
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Cutting-edge load duration

One of the most important characteristics of a welding machine is the load duration time. The higher it is, the longer the machine can work without cooling. Coefficient of load duration at welding in «Rezonver Hybrid» is 96 %, whilst at cutting – the machine can work up to 15 minutes without cooling off.

Rezonver Hybrid

  1. LED is off, you may work
  2. LED is on, the machine has to be cooled down

LED indicator will be on, when the machine will go to cooling. As soon as the LED is off, you can start to weld over.

«Rezonver hybrid» welding and plasma cutting

«Rezonver Hybrid» metal plasma cutting and manual metal arc welding in a single device. Its weight is just 4.5 kg and it performs whopping 200 A of welding current and 35 А of cutting current. It can cut metal with thickness of up to 10 mm.

For the first time ever you get two different functions – manual arc welding and plasma cutting in such a portable and reliable form factor. If you have any questions regarding «Rezonver Hybrid», please, feel free to ask us: .

Technologies work for you.

Convenient control

For your convenience, only the most essential tools and controls are placed on the front panel of the device. Put on the device with the on/off button, set up the required output current with a user-friendly regulator knob and start working. To use the plasma cutter, just connect the device to the air compressor.

How to connect rezonver hybrid