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Rezonver pride welding machine

«Rezonver Pride» is more powerful, more lightweight, simpler and easier to use, than expensive European and American products. To achieve such characteristics we used a resonant energy conversion technology.

Lightweight & powerful

  • Weight is just 3,5 kg.

    Unloads your spinal column and arthrosis

  • Output current 200 А

    Electrodes 3 и 4 mm can be used

  • Coefficient of power conversion efficiency — 94%

    Rezonver Pride is 13% more efficient than other brands

  • Load Duration — 96%

    Rezonver Pride is heated slowly and allows you to work in a comfortable manner

Rezonver Pride

Reliable and durable

  • 1

    Resistant to voltage surges

  • 2

    Is not burnt out after short circuits

  • 3

    Works even at 160 V in the socket

  • 4

    Does not produce electromagnetic interference

Thanks to the resonant technology, the power plant group of «Rezonver Pride» is not worn out and is not degraded, that is why it rarely gets broken with time. As a manufacturer we provide a one-year warranty.

Suggested retail price 23 950 RUR

Intuitive controls: just one single control switch

Technical specifications

Maximum welding current 200 A
Weight 3,5 kg
Electrodes 3 mm and 4 mm
Coefficient of load duration 96%
Floating voltage (no-load voltage) 60 В
Number of fans 2
Maximum active consumption power 3 600 W
Full consumption current not more than 30 А
Number of diode bridges 2
Supply voltage band 190-240 V
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Cutting-edge load duration

One of the most important characteristics of a welding machine is the load duration time. The higher it is, the longer the machine can work without cooling. The coefficient of the load duration of “Rezonver Pride” is 98 %. This means that at 20 degrees of ambient temperature it will continuously be working for 8 minutes and then it will be cooling off for just 2 minutes.

Rezonver Pride

  1. LED is off, you may work
  2. LED is on, the machine has to be cooled down

LED indicator will be on, when the machine will go to cooling. As soon as the LED is off, you can start to weld over.

Feather-light manual metal arc welding

«Rezonver Pride» is just 3.5 kg and performs maximum output current of up to 200 A. Many people would not believe that such a high power could be achieved in such a small device. We believe that a welding machine for garden, construction site or a workshop should be as effective as «Rezonver Pride».

Choosing a welding machine is an important task, as the result of your work will highly depend upon your choice. If you have any questions regarding «Rezonver Pride», please, feel free to ask us: .

Big heart in a small body

Never did any welding machine have such a high coefficient of efficiency of power conversion before. Amazing productivity of this machine gives you an opportunity to effectively use all the power you get from the supply network.

Rezonver Pride